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Why choose Limendo app Development?

Smartphones and other mobile devices have changed our world. More than half of the world’s people own a smartphone. Almost 95 percent a mobile phone.

With us, apps are more intelligent than ever adapted to your business.

Digital transformation

We at Limendo help you in the digital transformation by making business smarter with our apps.

Nice, minimalistic, elegant

In an app, an appealing design may not be missing, of course, because they should not only do their job, they also need to look attractive. Our designers have several years of experience and are specialized in the design of apps, so we can guarantee that the app will fully meet your needs.


As simple as possible

A simple process is the basis of every app and therefore inevitable. Our App Development experts put a lot of effort into the user interface to make it easy and understandable for everyone.


The algorithm of an app is one of its most important components. Our algorithms lead to a perfect and stable performance and guarantee a completely smooth usage.


Of course, we at Limendo make sure that your app is compatible with all desired operating systems. So, you can use your app with all your devices too and are by no means limited. Typically, today mainly two operating systems are operated. Of course, we can also develop solutions for other systems.

Apple iOS

Apple iOS (1) – stands for simplicity and is the second most used operating system on mobile devices. Limendo App Development will be glad to help you develop an iOS app. We can put your wishes into action and develop your dream app.

(1) iOS is a registered trademark from Cisco, Inc. in the United States and is used under License by Apple, Inc. Apple is a registered trademark from Apple, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

Android OS

Android Os (2)  – In view of the fast-growing demand of Android, the most popular operating system on all mobile devices, it is also important to develop for Android in parallel. That’s why there could not be a better time to develop Android. The current worldwide market share is about 85% and is increasing continuously. We support you in developing an Android app for smartphones, tablets and more.

2) AndroidTM is a registered trademark from Google in the United States and other countries.



Before embarking on the development process, it’s imperative that we do extensive research and competitive analysis for you. If apps with similar ideas already exist, what are you missing? What do users like about the apps? This information is extremely useful for finding a gap in the market and gaining an advantage. In addition, you prevent the “reinventing the wheel”.

Project planning

In the initial phase of the project, you will be planning a project with our developers and project managers. Here we work hard for you so that you know exactly when you get something. Your expectations are implemented 1 to 1.


Wireframing refers to the visual architecture of the app. In principle: What will happen on every page and how everything should be linked together. We design the processes in the background. Wireframing is a critical step in visualizing and defining the scope of an app and its functionality.


The design process begins as soon as wireframing is completed. The design of the user interface is crucial for the integration and navigation of app users. In this phase, interactive app models are created to demonstrate what the app looks like and how it works. We are already able to conduct initial tests with customers during this phase so that we receive prompt feedback from customers or other users. Also, A / B test are possible in this phase. With an A / B test you can easily test what users like better and how to get higher conversions.


The development team will now set up the backend of the app. It is also important to stay informed about the progress during this phase to track and comment on any development team changes and find solutions together.

There are currently also very many development approaches, which are pursued. At Limendo, we have always worked with an agile project management approach. No matter what you call it: FDD (Feature Driven Development), Scrum, Kanban, or ADS (Adaptive Software Development) – we at Limendo keep you informed about the development process, so you can intervene quickly if you want to make any changes , In addition, whenever possible we develop in different modules at the same time, so that we can deliver faster results on the one hand and react more flexibly to your wishes on the other hand.

Beta Test

After development, it’s important to test the app for functionality, performance, and optimization. Once a version of the app is completed, a beta test (or a user test) may begin. This is a critical element in developing apps to make improvements and fix bugs.

Release App

The app is finally finished, tested and ready to start! It’s important to understand that publishing an app on the market can be a process that can take several weeks. This is because every iOS and Android app is manually reviewed before the app can be put online. In most cases, this process works smoothly.

After release

After publishing the app, it’s important to gather user feedback. This helps to control future app updatesmake improvements, and ensure the functionality and usability of the app.