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Hotel consultancy: Digital help for increasing economic efficiency

The hotel industry is an industry that thrives on personal contacts and human interaction. A smile at the front desk, a fragrant fillet of beef and a short break in the spa are the currencies in the hotel business. Especially in this industry, there is a great potential to take the step towards the future with the help of digitization, to use existing resources effectively and thereby noticeably increase the profitability of the company.

The hotel industry has long been considered one of the drivers of digitization. And rightly so. It started with digital booking portals and the services were bookable very quickly for the guest. Furthermore, a lot of effort and energy is put into digital marketing. Most of today’s guests are interested in the Internet for various holiday regions and are then very cleverly guided during the customer journey.

We are convinced that, especially in the back office areas of the hotel, the hotel industry offers even more potential, which should be obtained. With our hotel consultancy we show you the opportunities and support you with the introduction of modern technologies. First of all, the warm treatment of your guests will remain your most important asset.

  1. Goals of our hotel consultation
  2. What does digitization in the hotel look like?
  3. Our strategic approach
  4. Support in digital marketing & SEO

These are the goals of our hotel consultancy

In order to recognize the invaluable value of an unbiased and professional look at your hotel operations, we would like to familiarize you with our goals. These depend, of course, significantly on the current state. Do you want to increase the economic success of your hotel or bring the house out of red figures?

Our ultimate goal is to recognize the digitization potential of your house and to develop appropriate measures based on it. This begins with the optimization of the guest contact through more customer-friendly booking systems and ends with the tool-assisted evaluation of your business data and your balance sheets. The existing resources of your house should be distributed so that they are used optimally. Wherever possible and meaningful, technical solutions should take over the work in the future. Your employees focus on the core work – the warm treatment of your guests.

How can digitization in the hotel look like?

There is potential in every house to standardize and digitize manual processes. This gives your employees the opportunity to concentrate more intensively on their core work and above all on the contact with the guests. Through digitization processes you save resources that can also be taken over by tools and use them where the guest contact is concerned. Our hotel consultancy is designed to show you exactly these potentials.

Digitization options in your hotel

  • Automated check-in
  • Online reservations (hotel rooms, tables in the restaurant, wellness appointments etc.)
  • Improved services (for example sending a digital guest folder)
  • Online bookings of day rooms
  • Web-based rosters for employees
  • Web-based service plans for the room service
  • The digital guest room
  • Digitized guest information from anywhere
  • Automation of invoices
  • Inventories via tools
  • Transparent evaluation management
  • Voice control in the rooms and meeting rooms
  • Virtual tours of your hotel
  • Augmented reality applications for guest binding

This is just an excerpt of the possibilities that we can present to you in the context of hotel advice. Digitization processes save you and your guests time, that you, as an entrepreneur, can invest in strategy development, the development of new ideas or in guest contact.

New software as a basis for forward-looking decisions

While the guests in the hotel ideally find a relaxed atmosphere in which they can switch off from everyday life, in the background are running permanent analysis, studies and strategic planning has to be conducted. Numerous data must be evaluated, from the budget planning over the room occupancy to the use of goods in the restaurant. The collection and analysis of this information requires a lot of time. With the support of our hotel consultants, we can find the right management software to assist you in collecting and evaluating all information that is relevant to you. The data is prepared in such a way that it transparently presents the current state and thus provides you with an important basis for making decisions.

Hotel consultation: Our services for the digitization of your hotel


Strategic analysis of your house including your positioning and your competition

Ongoing cooperation in controlling and your target budgeting

Identification of digitization gaps

Planning measures for digitization

Implementation of new technology

Training for employees


For your success, we work together with the most important automation providers. We look beyond the box for the recommendation, not only until tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but over the years. We know the trends and turn them into monetary benefits for you as part of the hotel consultation.

Hotel advice for businesses with economic difficulties

If hotels get into a financial crisis, they can get back in balance with the help of professional hotel advice. The faster you consult the hotel consultancy, the faster you can react to the new market situation. We develop restructuring and restructuring measures in the context of hotel consultancy. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your business, advise you on new marketing strategies and also examine whether you can use existing resources more efficiently with the help of digital technology.

Our strategic approach to the management consulting of hotels

We work with our self-developed “House of strategy”. On this basis, we define the vision and positioning that you have for your house and incorporate your corporate values into each concept. Then we develop a concept and support you during the implementation. An important part of our work is operational project management. We support you in the selection of partners and the implementation of complex strategies. Everything is always done in consultation with the hotel management.

Take advantage of the hotel’s digitization and automation options

In most hotel companies, we recognize economically viable options for digitization and automation. We understand that implementing this new technology into operations is a big step. Therefore, it is important to accompany this step not only technically, but also humanly. Because employees often react sensitively to new things, if they think that their own responsibility decreases. It is therefore all the more important to integrate the hotel staff into the hotel consultancy right from the start and to involve them in important decision-making processes. They should understand that hotel consultancy is not designed to replace them, but to give them more time to do essential work, thereby increasing the efficiency and sustainability of the entire operation.

Support in Digital Marketing & SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We are happy to support you in digital marketing and in on-page and off-page search engine optimization. “Location, Location, Location” was the hotel pioneer Conrad Hilton’s secret of his success. A hotel is successful if it has a good location. Mr. Hilton has also taught us the importance and value of details. Speaking at a conference, what were the key lessons of his long career, “do not forget to stow the shower curtain inside the bathtub.” In the end, it’s all about details. And it is precisely these details that we take care of when advising you in the field of digital marketing and search engine optimization.

This is exactly how we work in search engine optimization, SEO, optimization. We improve your rankings with our internal experts by working to the best industry standards. Of course, we do not know the individual factors that make up a good ranking in detail. This only Google knows personally. We have a good idea of what makes a good side different from a bad one. Our experts at Limendo work here on a simple rule “Content, Content, Content” – in the end, every reader, including a website reader, wants to to read good content.