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Limendo develops custom software at two locations Bolzano (Italy) and Bangalore (India)

Limendo develops custom software for companies

Limendo moderner Unterteilungsstrich

 Limendo supports companies with innovations in their business models by developing individual software . 

We develop individual software and software solutions in Bolzano – South Tyrol (Italy) and in Bangalore (India) for our customers. Limendo is the right place for you if you can’t get any further with standard software. We would be happy to advise you on which technologies you could use to increase your competitiveness.

As a consulting and technology company, we are taking a unique path. We combine top management consulting experience with the possibilities of new technologies. We work with customers from all industries on innovations in their areas and implement the latest technology.



What we do?

We strengthen SMEs in their use of their data.

Data Science

Our data practice centralizes your company's data and thus forms the basis for analysis and automation.
Technologies: Datalake, Datawarehouse, ETL, ADF, other Cloud-services, OLAP-Cubes.

Machine Learning

Our machine learning experts work on the following topics: forecasts (demand, supply, job planning, supply chain), automated communication based on NLP.
Technologies: Tensforflow, PiSpark, NLP, Rasa & more.


Our Application practice implements complex applications: web applications, web apps, ERP applications, CRM applications, Open source.
Technologies: Mongo, MySQL, SQL, Firebird & more. Angular, React, PHP, .NET & more. Interfaces and APIs: XML, JSON, REST and more.

App Development

We have already developed some native apps. Here we attach particular importance to agile implementation, user experience and design.
Technologies: iOS native, Android native, Flutter & React. Various Datebases and APIs in combination with our Application Practice.

Software development in BOZEN (Italy) und Bangalore (India)

Custom Software for your company. Free initial consultation.

With Limendo you have a partner who has already implemented complex software. We would be happy to provide you with our extensive deck of references.

Our international team of software developers will take care of you

With our offices in  Bolzano and Bangalore , we have enough capacity for your software project. Come to us with your project and we will find the right solution for your business. We are also prepared for larger projects with 10 developers and more. Limendo is your reliable partner for individual software projects.

You get the best of both worlds from us . On the one hand, you get the usual structured,  European project management  and excellent IT advice. On the other hand, you get  incredibly good technicians , which we hardly find in large numbers here in Europe and especially here in South Tyrol.



Limendo moderner Unterteilungsstrich
Limendo moderner Unterteilungsstrich
Limendo - Arena von heute

Strategic arenas of today

Limendo moderner Unterteilungsstrich

In  today’s arena  , we at Limendo work with you to identify optimization opportunities in the existing business processes or innovation opportunities in the business model. Typical projects that we support in this area are::

            › Further development of CRM
            › Introduction of a business intelligence solution
            › Development of an analytics model for ERP data
            › Development of a  financial forecast model
            › Development of a KPI model
            › Platform for master data management
            › Development of a social app (Limendo App Development)
            › Development of a tracking app (Limendo App Development)
           › Development of our Kartl app



Limendo - Arena von morgen

Strategic arenas of tomorrow

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In the  arena of tomorrow  , it’s all about thinking outside the box and thinking about how the company will still be successful in ten years’ time. In these projects, we typically develop a vision for the new business model together with the entrepreneur and develop prototypes together. project examples?

           › Automated Persona Generation – we are working on automatically generating personas from the behavior of web users. In our study, we were able to successfully generate personas in real time. We are currently developing software from this.

          › Development of artificial intelligence in the hotel industry



as a consulting company

Limendo moderner Unterteilungsstrich

Limendo is not a classic consulting company because our work does not end with the consultation. But on the contrary. Together with the customer, we develop common solutions and also implement them. So you have a partner who accompanies you holistically. We deal with your business model and advise you comprehensively on possible solutions..

However, Limendo is not a classic software development company either.  We do not sell standard products, but develop solutions with you that do not exist on the market. Together with our customers we create real added value. In addition, at Limendo we think in a very process-oriented manner, orienting ourselves to the business and not to the technology..

As a Limendo customer, you get the best of both worlds.



Limendo ist ein AI

& BI Unternehmen.

Limendo - Beratungsleistungen

Limendo Application-Practice

Consulting Service & Software development

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Our  consulting services   focus on developing a  long-term strategy , optimizing your processes, digitizing and automating  your business, as well as looking at long-term developments and trends. It’s about understanding what will really change your business in the coming years and we work with you to develop the right solutions in this regard.

Our advice is already reflected in the submission of the offer . Typically, we will first discuss your requirements with you, then document the desired processes with you and then label the entire software for you in so-called wireframes

When you start a software project with us , you know exactly what you will end up with from the first programmed line of code. Of course we keep the flexibility to make changes. In most cases, however, this is not necessary, as the preparation is really excellent. 



Limendo - Analysierungsleistungen

Limendo Data-Practice

Analytics performance & Business Intelligence

Limendo moderner Unterteilungsstrich

Our analytics services support you in getting more out of your data. We know ourselves that this sounds like sales phrases. However, we know that data is the new gold of the world and companies that want to be successful tomorrow must decide to start collecting data today.. 

We can help you understand what data you should collect and what we can get from that data. Here we see the great opportunity for medium-sized companies to catch up with the big companies or to fall back less on the big corporations. Not all corporations are already taking advantage of the analysis of large amounts of data and, more importantly, the derivation of automated processes and rules. We are happy to talk about statistics or, to a greater extent, about artificial intelligence . At Limendo we prefer to use the term analysis and statistics . If we collect data, we can then also analyze it, e.g. with machine learning approaches. If we don’t collect this data, we have a problem as a company. This is where our individual data warehouse solutions come into play. 

Increase your sales   with us  and reduce your costs or develop a better basis for management decisions Our business intelligence solutions help you to keep track of things. .


as a software developer &technology company

Limendo moderner Unterteilungsstrich

We develop individual software for our customers and follow proven software development approaches. So we go the decisive step further and put things into practice. “Walk the talk” – many can talk, but only a few implement it..


for our customers

Limendo moderner Unterteilungsstrich

Limendo develops innovations for companies. We are currently working for our customers on the following topics of our time.

When we say that Limendo is an AI & BI company , we are always concerned with the long-term vision of our customers. In most cases, we start by creating individual software for our customers and in a second step we then supplement our customers’ software with automated processes based on data (AI) and mechanisms to better control their own business (business intelligence). .

In the field of AI, we are currently working with NLP technologies and thus on a chatbot for service companies , which is able to handle most human communication.


In addition, we currently provide very strong support in the area of e-commerce and the development of mobile applications ( apps and web apps)..


Limendo - Machine Learning

AI – artificial intelligence

Limendo - Business Intelligence

BI – Business Intelligence

Limendo - IoT

Individual software platforms

Limendo - ERP

App development in

iOS and Android & WebApps

Limendo - CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) introduction

Limendo - Online Sales


eigene Softwareentwicklungen

Limendo moderner Unterteilungsstrich

Besonders aktuell, in Zeiten von Covid-19, zeigen sich die Vorteile der Digitalisierung für verschiedenste Geschäftsbereiche. Limendo ist ein Vorreiter der Digitalisierung für die Gastronomie und Hotellerie und entwickelt seit 2,5 Jahren das digitale Menü, Limendo Menu.

Nutzen auch Sie die führende Lösung aus Südtirol. Entdecken Sie hier das System bzw. informieren Sie sich grundsätzlich über digitale Lösungen für die Gastronomie. Wir gehen dabei den entscheidenden Schritt mit Ihnen weiter. Mit unserer E-Commerce-Lösung Limendo Shop können Händler einfach und in Minuten mit dem Onlinehandel beginnen.

Limendo unterstützt Sie dabei.

Limendo als Top Arbeitgeber in Südtirol - Small Enterprises - 2019

Limendo as People

Employees & Values

Limendo moderner Unterteilungsstrich

At Limendo we think and act according to all of our common values . Employees and applicants, suppliers and customers who work with us can expect the following

     We believe in integrity

  1. We believe in excellence for our customers and ourselves
  2. We believe in entrepreneurs within the company
  3. We believe in simplicity
  4. We think big and achieve great things
  6. By the way, in 2019 we were voted South Tyrol’s top employer in the “Small Enterprises” category. If you share our values and would like to work for one of the best employers in South Tyrol, write to us..