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2020-2030 – the Limendo predictions for the coming decade

The 2020 - predictions for the coming decade

Predictions for the coming decade 2020 – key trends from Hannes Lösch, Limendo

The Limendo predictions 2020 – the idea and intention

This will probably be my first blog entry, which I will continously update and work on it. On 31st December 2019 I have written the following two posts on LinkedIn, which summarize what I thought at this moment will be a probable future in the coming 10 years:

LinkedIn Posts:




The 2020 – top trends

I see the following for this new decade (no ranking intended).

Virtual worlds will take over more and more activities from the real world

1. Virtual Real Worlds. Using VR Technology to create worlds in which we can see, hear, feel and smell and interact with the world. There we will trade in the future. Less business trips and better interaction with our international partners.

The rise of the virtual assistants in 2020

2. Virtual Assistants will make our life even easier. Glasses or contact lenses instead of smartphones? Difficult to say but something must go on. A foldable smartphone is still a smartphone. I dont belive that we can go on like this.

Limendo Menu - Transmission of the menu via the WLAN


3. Further increase of the platform economy. Share. Share. Share. Who needs to own it?

4. Immediate access to data. With 5.6.7…G data is immediately here. We just need the right analytics to interpret it and take actions out of it. The right place for AI.

5. Changed mobility. Who needs to own a car in a world in which 60% of people are living in urban areas and AI driven cars are available. In cities platform providers will rule.

6. Access to longer life. Gene therapy should be able to heal most of today’s illnesses. Printed organs. Enhancement of humans with sensors and devices. The human brain-machine interface. The implanted RFID chips were the first steps. I am not saying that I would do it, but people will do it.

7. We will change how we transport things. I see there again AI driven vehicles, which drive in the night (long-distance) and land & flight drones for the short-distance last mile.

8. We will change the worth of work and employees. How people work, why they work and what they do at work. The standard things will be done by AI and people will concentrate on the important and creative things. We will elaborate on these trends in the future.