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Development and expansion of a CRM system for a medium-sized company in Italy

Successful development of CRM with Limendo

We have further developed the existing CRM system for our customer so that he now has a clear sales process and clear key sales figures at his disposal.

Development and expansion of a CRM system for a medium-sized company in Italy

Limendo project examples & references: project description

The company approached us with the request to redesign and rethink the existing CRM process. In the past, customer information was stored in different, often analog data sources. Various users did not file information at all and this information was lost due to the departure of employees.

Activities of Limendo in this project

Interviews with sales managers

In interviews with the sales managers, the requirements for a new CRM and reporting system were analyzed. In joint workshops it was finally worked out which data the management would like to have available. In the coming analysis phases, the system was then analyzed precisely for these points.

Analysis of all existing documents

In the course of the project, all reporting documents used were checked and their data sources analysed.

Analysis of the data sources & the previous CRM system

The structure of the previous CRM system was put through its paces.

Design of the new CRM and reporting system

In the design phase, the structure of the CRM system was defined and approved in joint workshops. In the design, it was determined which data will be maintained in the system in the future and how. For example, it was specified that activities must be entered into the system on a daily basis.

Implementation of the system

Ultimately, we at Limendo implemented the system for the customer. The customer was closely involved, especially in testing the implementation steps and milestones.

Project successes of Limendo

Recording of all sales-relevant data

Data, some of which was not previously recorded, is now recorded in the system using a stringent logic.

Central collection of customer data

Customer data is stored centrally in a system and collected by everyone in the organization

Central reporting

Standardisation of reporting in relation to customer data (from four reports to zero manually generated reports). Reporting is now automated via CRM.