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Development of a financial forecast system for a production company

Finally seeing clearly

We have developed a forecasting system for a production company with which the company can assess the economic situation faster and better

Development of a financial forecast system for a production company

Limendo project examples & references: project description

We have analysed the current controlling system for the company and examined its potential for improvement. Furthermore, a forecasting prototype was developed in the project.

Activities of Limendo in this project

Recording the internal situation

Various interviews and workshops were conducted together with the management. The areas of finance, controlling, IT and sales were also included.

Determination of the basic processes

The basic processes were finally documented so that a central planning process could be coordinated.

Definition of the essential requirements for the system

Together with the customer, the requirements for the forecasting system were finally defined.

Implementation of the system

Finally, we implemented the system as Excel prototypes. The transfer to ERP is prepared. The customer was closely involved, especially in the development of the prototype.

Project successes of Limendo

Documentation of the current processes

The current controlling processes and the current controlling system were systematically recorded.

Common understanding of reporting

By involving the various stakeholder groups, a common understanding of reporting was created for the first time. KPIs are now interpreted uniformly.

Development of the forecasting prototype

The developed Forecast-Prototpy already gives a very exact picture of the current situation. This will be transferred to ERP in a future project. The prototype displays a forecast and budget variances for income statement, balance sheets and cash flow statement.