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Concentrate on your Customers

We at Limendo are digitizing your restaurant, so you can fully focus on your customers. With Limendo Menu, the digital menu with smartwatch integration, your company will be efficient as never before.

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Limendo menu

The digital menu of Limendo

Limendo Menu, Limendo’s digital menu, gives you the freedom to fully focus on your customers.

With the digital menu of Limendo, your customers can order directly and easily from the table or the bar counter, directly with their own smartphones. Or would you prefer to provide your customers with their own devices? That is also no problem.


Advantages for customers

Order directly with your own device

As a customer, you can order with your own device in the future. Totally  free of care


Discover products

Discover more about the different products and about your host. You will be amazed at what you discover.

Individual menu

Of course, if you wish, you can register with Limendo and always receive an individual menu. How to find your favorite dishes faster.

Benefits for restaurateurs

Happy customers

With our Limendo Menu there are no more misunderstandings between restaurant and customer. The customer can inform himself independently and your waiters have time to explain the peculiarities of your company instead of reciting the food order 100 times a day. A smile at the right time is worth more than pure information. The customer gets thanks to Limendo Menu.

Various menus - the right menu for every occasion

You can create different menus with Limendo Menu and thus react quickly to celebrations and celebrations. The fish weeks until noon and the wedding card in the evening? No problem with Limendo Menu.

No investment costs

If you want, you can operate Limendo Menu at no investment cost. You can start completely without infrastructure. The smartphones bring their customers with them independently. The Smartwatch extension for fast customer and service interaction is optional.

Save ongoing costs such as printing costs and staff costs

It certainly will not be the main reason to use Limendo Menu. But you too will benefit from lower printing costs and staff costs. Normally, Limendo Menu is completely free for you, as printing costs already cover the annual cost of a subscription by far.

Huge free product database

To save you work, we provide with Limendo menu the probably most extensive product database, which you can imagine with. And completely free. When you compile your menus, you can benefit from this course. All common dishes, soft drinks, labels and spirits are included. Allergens have been carefully recorded and further product information such as alcohol content and calories are immediately visible.