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Limendo Menu – the digital menu. Increase your profits by more than 10%.

How Limendo Menu works in a restaurant or hotel

With Limendo Menu your guests can inform themselves about your offer directly from the table. Your guests used their own smartphone.

Your guests can then order directly from the table. The service is only consulted if there are special questions. This simplifies the entire ordering process.

Of course Limendo Menu will ask your guests if it could be anything more: The cream in the coffee (upselling) or the cake with the coffee (cross-selling). This increases your turnover.

Finally, your guests can also pay from the table or directly at the service in bar. This allows you to achieve faster processing with happier customers.

How Limendo Menu can increase your winnings by more than 10%.

Companies with Limendo Menu, the digital menu

Costs with Limendo Menu

Classic companies

Costs of classic companies

In addition you get many more advantages with Limendo Menu

You are perceived as an innovative entrepreneur

With the digital menu you are ahead of your time.

You will reach new customers

Of course, word will quickly get around that you offer Limendo Menu as an ordering and payment system and you will quickly open up new customer segments.

You strengthen the loyalty of your customers and strengthen your regular customers

With Limendo Menu you can increase the loyalty of your regular customers as well as new customers. With Limendo Menu you are close to your customer: on the fridge as a magnet or on your key ring.

Limendo Menu Packages

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The digital menu of Limendo – how it all began

The digital menu of Limendo, Limendo Menu, was born about 2 years ago. It all started with a cup of cocoa. A cup of cocoa that never felt it arrived. A cup of cocoa as a young father with my daughter. In those moments, or half an hour, it was clear to me that a better solution was needed than waiting for the service. How could it be that a product could be delivered within a few hours in an online shop, but a local service was so cumbersome to order and pay for? At this very moment the idea of the digital menu was born.

The digital menu of Limendo, Limendo Menu

A lot has happened since then and with Limendo Menu our customers have a unique service system at their disposal. With Limendo Menu, we have not simply created a menu that digitally depicts a conventional paper menu as a menu.

With Limendo Menu, we have created a digital menu technology that can be used in many ways.

Limendo Menu, the digital menu from Limendo, gives you the freedom to concentrate fully on your customers. With the digital menu of Limendo, your customers can order directly and uncomplicated from the table, the bar counter or in the hotel room or other hot spots, directly with their own smartphone. In addition, customers can obtain information directly on their own smartphone, interact with the service and ultimately also pay.

Limendo Menu can also be fully integrated into your existing systems. This allows them to retain their familiar processes.

Limendo Menu is available on all devices

Of course, you can also provide your customers with your own devices such as tablets, so that guests without a smartphone can also enjoy the digital menu. You can also use Limendo Menu to accept orders from outside with the innovative “Pick-up” technology.

Limendo Menu cuts a fine figure on all screens and increases your revenues and ties your customers more closely to you.

The process flow with Limendo Menu, the digital menu

Limendo Menu can be operated with your customer’s own smartphone. No further investments from your side are necessary in this regard. If you wish, you can of course also provide your customers with terminals so that all customers can enjoy the digital menu.

Explain digital menu

The customer will find a reference to the digital menu at the respective location. Our customers either indicate the digital version in the printed paper menu or use other forms of communication, e.g. at the entrance, to draw attention to the digital menu. Another good way to explain the digital menu is if the service deliberately refers to the menu with the words: “I am always there for you. Please feel free to call me with the integrated Smartwatch function “Service call” if you need me. You will find the best tips” regarding information in our digital menu.

Scanning the QR code of the digital menu

The customer scans the digital menu, which is available at the table or at the respective location. The customer simply scans a QR code. In most cases, depending on the smartphone, he only has to point the camera of his mobile phone at the QR code and can start immediately.

Alternatively, the customer can use a free QR code scanner or our free app.

Questions to the Service Department

Should the customer have any further questions, they can easily contact the service through our integrated Smartwatch function. Simply press “Call Service” and in a few moments the service will take care of the customer.

Ordering by the customer

The customer has the possibility with the digital menu to arrange his personal meals. If the company leaves its customers, there are no limits here. So your customer will always find the food he wants.

After the customer has made his selection and placed all products in the shopping cart, he can easily forward the order.

Payment by the customer

After the customer has enjoyed the moments in the restaurant or hotel, he can easily pay. Either he uses the integrated digital payment options or he turns to the service via “Call Service” and then pays in cash.

Values which are created by the digital menu, Limendo Menu

Do you know the following problems?

Cost drivers personnel, printing & waste/absence of sales

  • High personnel input and therefore high costs. Still you can’t find enough qualified personnel?
  • High printing costs for menus? Without pictures you sell much less, but with pictures the costs continue to rise.
  • I’m afraid you have a lot to throw away. This will damage the environment and costs will continue to rise.

Missing revenues & missing up- and cross-selling

  • Have you ever been asked if you still want a cream in your coffee? A shot of rum in your iced coffee? The Lagrein Riserva instead of the Lagrein classic? You see, these are missing up-selling opportunities.
  • The same applies to cake with coffee or white wine with fish, or red wine with meat. These are then missing cross-selling opportunities.
  • If you know the situation where you would have liked to have a second beer for lunch but could not order one because the service was overloaded, then you know lost sales.

Evaluation of the digital menu

We at Limendo are still trying to evaluate all this. However, if we estimate cautiously, we come to the following conclusion as the value contribution of a digital menu:

Savings in personnel deployment, 30% savings on one person 10.000 € per year
Saving printing costs 500 € per year
Less throwaway due to lack of sales, cost of sales 30%. 2.000 € per year
Up-selling, cross-selling and lost turnover (3% of annual turnover, 70% contribution margin, 30% cost of sales), at 300,000 € turnover 6.300 € per year
Sum of more profit in the company 18.800 € per year


They get this with our solution at least. The more skillful you are, the more you will be able to earn. In addition, happier customers will come more often, they will be perceived as innovative and move with the times, they will be discovered by customers outside and much more. You can also measure the success of Limendo Menu at any time!

Many advantages of Limendo Menu, the digital menu

Advantages for customers

Order directly with your own device

As a customer, you can order with your own device in the future. No worries.

Discover products

Discover more about the different products and about your host. You’ll be amazed at what you discover.

Individual menu

If you like you can of course register with Limendo and receive an individual menu. This will help you find your favourite dishes faster.

Advantages for restaurateurs

Happy customers

With our Limendo Menu there are no more misunderstandings between restaurant and customer. The customer can inform himself independently and your waiters have time to explain the special features of your company instead of reciting the menu 100 times a day. A smile at the right time is worth more than just information. The customer gets it thanks to Limendo Menu.

Different menus - the right menu for every occasion

With Limendo Menu you can create different menus and react quickly to parties and celebrations. Until noon still the fish weeks and in the evening the wedding card? No problem with Limendo Menu.

No investment costs

If you wish, you can operate Limendo Menu without investment costs. You can start completely without infrastructure. The smartphones bring your customers along independently. The Smartwatch extension for fast interaction between customers and service is optional.

Save running costs such as printing costs and personnel costs

It will certainly not be the reason to use Limendo Menu. But you too will benefit from lower printing costs and personnel costs. Normally Limendo Menu is completely free of charge for you, as the printing costs already cover the annual costs of a subscription by far.

Huge free product database

In order to save you work, we deliver Limendo Menu, probably the most comprehensive product database you can imagine. And this completely free of charge.

When you compose your menus, you can of course benefit from them. All common dishes, soft drinks, labels and spirits are included. We have carefully recorded allergens and further product information such as alcohol content and calories can be viewed immediately.

The technology of Limendo Menu – developed as a system

Limendo Menu was conceived and developed as a system. Thus Limendo Menu is embedded in a variety of systems.

Certain standard systems are already connected to Limendo Menu, others follow continuously in the development of Limendo Menu. In addition to ERP systems, content management systems for article maintenance and content maintenance, Limendo Menu is also connected to POS systems. So you can keep your familiar back-office process and still benefit from the advantages of digital menus.

If you like, you can also run Limendo Menu independently.

Another important component of Limendo Menu is the in-house Business Intelligence platform. Our Business Intelligence solution allows you to better understand which products sell best when, how and in which combination. This makes it easier for entrepreneurs to make the right decisions in their product and service portfolios.

Developed by management consultants, Limendo Consulting, the integration of Limendo Menu as a system was always very important to us. We want to contribute to making processes easier to run in the future and do not want to make processes more complicated. This can be seen in the entire structure of Limendo Menu and the database structure.